About Us

Salvation in heaven with God.

We believe that the church serves as “the pillar and support of the truth”. 1 Tim 3:15 Its nature and purpose is for man’s spiritual nature, not physical. For this reason, the church at Northeast is an autonomous body of believers who choose to collectively use Lord’s day contributions toward that end. We do not send contributions to institutions governed by a board of directors and under their control.

If you are searching for truth and the peace which passes all understanding, we invite you to worship with us and examine all that is taught in light of God’s word.

If a simple worship of Bible teaching, approaching God in prayer, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord, and remembering Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection in the Lord’s supper every first day of the week appeals to you, then check us out!

If you want to be spiritually strengthened by a study of God’s word as well as edified through worship with other Christians, then you are always welcome! Visitors are a great encouragement!

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